Who We Are

Ever since there was a PAX, there has been a PAX Community. Since 2004, the internet PAX Community has grown and adapted. It all began on the official PAX forum, but over the years the community has expanded to Twitter, IRC, Reddit, Discord, and several specialized community teams such as the Cookie Brigade, PAX Prank, and PAX Pokemon League. We have all come together because of our shared interest in enhancing the spirit and experience of PAX.
PAX is more than just a weekend in a convention center. PAX is what we make of it, both inside and outside. PAX is the people.


What We Do

As a community, our primary directive is to keep the spirit of PAX alive and well all year round, and doubly so during PAX. We accomplish this through holding events and meet-ups that occur throughout the year and across the world. We also take it upon ourselves to spread information and awareness of PAX and PAX-related activities.
In addition to, and perhaps more important than off-season events, members of the community also donate their time and expertise into planning and managing events that occur during PAX and on the days around PAX.