The PAX Community IRC channel is a place for PAX community peeps to gather and chat about whatever. We have members from all over and on all schedules, so regardless of the time of day (or night) there are always people on to chat with. Remember, this is an unofficial channel with no sanctions from PA or anybody else. We run this channel because IRC is our preferred form of synchronous online communication. It also gives us a place to chat on matters that aren’t explicitly related to PAX (though as PAX gets closer, the topic invariably turns towards PAX more and more often).

What’s an IRC?
IRC is the grandfather of all modern real-time chat protocols. Created in 1988 by a Finnish programmer, IRC is currently used by over a half-million users concurrently. Used in 1991 to report on the attempted Soviet coup and again during the Gulf War. Today, we use it to talk about PAX, video games, internet and dicks.

Server/Channel Info
If you already know what you’re doing, here’s the basic info
Channel: #pax

If you are unfamiliar with IRC or want more information on the PAX Community IRC, visit the PAX Community IRC wiki page.

If you’re interested in statistics about the PAX Community IRC, venture over here.