You’ve stumbled upon the PAX Community minecraft server, hosting the PAX Multiverse!

The server rules and objectives can be found in this handy pdf (last update 2014/01/08).

The main (traditional) server is located at on the default port.  We also have a tekkit server at the same address, port 25552.  You will need to ask for build permissions in order to get out of the default user group on either server.  You can do that by asking in minecraft chat or IRC, or by emailing minecraft (at) paxcommunity (dot) net with your minecraft login and a message requesting permissions.

For more information on our server, join the #pax_construction channel on slashnet (information on the PAX Community IRC is located in the IRC tab).  We’ll be happy to help you get started.  You can also PM Moe Fwacky or Zerzhul for information on the PA Forums. For those who want to know, we do not enforce “family friendly” chat rules, and therefore chat may be NSFW.

Our traditional (main) server is currently running bukkit 1.6.4-R1.0.  It will not work with newer clients.

Our tekkit server is currently running tekkit 3.1.2.  You can find more information on this server, including downloads to play tekkit, here.

Using DynMap, we are able to consolidate all our multiverse maps into one fantastic viewer that is now updated LIVE. The menu is a hover menu on the right side of the window.
Map System of the PAX Multiverse

List of Minecraft Data Values

Suggested texture packs

Most of the texture packs below require the HD Texture Pack fix (included with Optifine).

Suggested Mods/Tools